August 27th, 2014

Today I continued working on Photoshop CC for Photographers: Fundamentals on I finished Chapters 5-13. These videos were mostly just reviewing what I learned in the Photoshop CC One-on- One: Fundamentals.





I used Photoshop to edit this image. To change the color of the tent I used the magnetic lasso tool by clicking and dragging around the opening of the tent. I found that this tool didn’t work well because of the trees in the background so I deselected that. Instead, I decided to use the quick selection tool and clicked all around the outside of the tent. The edges of the opening were quite rough so I used the refine edge tool and adjusted the ‘radius’, ‘smooth’, and ‘contrast’ sliders just a little to the right. Then, I went to the select menu and clicked on ‘inverse’ to select everything but the background that you see outside of the opening of the tent. Finally, to change the color go to the image pull down menu, go to adjustments, click hue/saturation. This brings up some sliders and I just moved the ‘hue’ slider to the left at -43%.


One comment on “August 27th, 2014

  1. Great job. Be sure to add the category “Assignments” to your blog post instead of “uncategorized”. Also, add the work to your Photoshop CC for Photographers course page. Ask me for help if needed.


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