September 3rd, 2014

Today I worked on chapters 16-18 in the Photoshop CC for Photographers: Fundamentals course on These chapters were mainly about sharpening or just cleaning up an image in general.






To start off I selected the smart sharpen layer, then I went to the Filter pull down menu and hovered the mouse over Sharpen and clicked on Smart Sharpen. After that, I moved the sliders to sharpen the image. I moved the Amount slider to 181%, the Radius to 0.8%, and the Reduce Noise to 33%. Finally I simply selected OK to apply those settings.    







To edit the car out first I had to make a good selection of the photo so that the man and the steps are not involved. I did this by selecting the rectangular marquee tool and dragging around the area of the car. Then I copied this to a new layer by pressing Command + J. I renamed the layer ‘car’. I used the lasso tool to make a selection around the car. Then I went to the edit pull down menu and selected Fill. I made sure content-aware and color adaptation were selected then clicked OK. I kept repeating this step until all the problem areas were gone. 







I selected the Patch Tool by clicking and holding the Spot Healing Brush Tool then clicking on Patch Tool. In the options bar I left the setting on Normal and source was selected.  After that I clicked and dragged around the little tree until that area was selected. Then I clicked and held inside of the selected area and I moved it over to a clear spot in the snow and released. That moved the snow over and covered the tree. 



After removing the tree I decide to remove the hiker as well. so to do that I went to the options bar at the top and chose Content-Aware instead of Normal. I used the patch tool to select an area around the hiker. Then went back up to the option bar and went to the adaption settings and changed Structure to 3 and Color to 5. After that I clicked and moved the selected hiker left to a clear part of snow. I didn’t like that the texture of the snow in the selected area looked different to the rest of the snow so I went back up to the option bar and once again changed the adaption settings to Structure: 5 and Color: 0. 



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