September 4th, 2014

Today I finished working on the Photoshop CC for Photographers: Fundamentals course on This included chapters 18-19. 







For this photo I wanted to remove wrinkles and brighten the teeth a little. After making a duplicate layer of the background, I selected the Quick Selection Tool and clicked the teeth without selecting any areas of the gums or lips. Then I went to Refine edge at the options panel and turned on smart radius then I moved the Smooth slider to 5% and the Feather slider to 0.8% and clicked OK. After that I went to the adjustment layer and clicked hue saturation. I chose the little hand icon next to the icon labeled Preset and clicked on the teeth. Then I moved the saturation slider to -84%. I held down the command key and clicked on the hue/saturation mask. I clicked on the Levels icon in the adjustment layers. I moved the right arrow to 235.  To get rid of some wrinkles, I selected the Healing Brush Tool. Then I held the option key down and clicked on a smooth part of skin under the eye. Then without holding the alt key down I clicked and dragged the brush all under both eyes. I went to the side panel and moved the opacity slider  to about 45%.






I went to the Filter pull down menu then clicked on liquefy. I selected the forward warped tool then changed the brush size to about 30 and the brush pressure to about 20. Then I started to kind of brush in on uneven areas of the model such as under the arms and the sides of the stomach. 








At the angle this photo was taken the man’s right jaw sticks out a little too much. So, to even that out, I went to the Filter pull down menu and selected Liquefy, then turned on Advanced mode, and made sure Pin Edges was selected. After that I adjusted my brush size to about 250 and my brush pressure to about 50. I basically just pushed the jaw in a little. Then I clicked OK.







All I needed to do to this photo was resize and sharpen it so that it would look good as a print. First I went to the Image pull down menu and clicked Image Size. I changed the dimensions to inches instead of pixels and clicked OK. Next I selected the Crop Tool. Then I went to the options bar and clicked the option ‘4 x 5 in 300 ppi’ in the pull down menu. I brought the left top corner in just a little and then clicked enter. I duplicated the background layer. I went to the Filter pull down menu, went to sharpen, then clicked smart sharpen. I moved the Amount slider to 131%, the radius to 0.9%, and the reduce noise to 31%. I then applied the sharpening effect by clicking OK.


One comment on “September 4th, 2014

  1. Great job! Feel free to bring or use some of your own photos to do some editing while the skills that you have learned. If you do some edits on your own photos, be sure to post them to your Projects page.


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