September 9th, 2014

Today I continued working on the Photoshop CC One-on-One: Intermediate course on I finished chapters 13-14. 


File number: 32257614


File number: 32257614

There’s not much of a change in this photo but I did sharpen it using smart sharpen.   To do this I first duplicated the image, then I right clicked on the image  and chose  convert to smart object. Then I go to the filter pull down menu and go to sharpen then smart sharpen. this brings up a dialogue box where I changed the Amount to: 300%, the Radius: 3.0px, The reduce noise to 0%, the Fade amount on the shadows to 25%, Tonal width: 50, Radius: 1px, Fade amount for highlights Fade amount: 50, Total width,: 50, and Radius: 1px. 


Colleen in Carlsbad


Colleen in Carlsbadks

I used smart sharpen for this photo as well. The main thing to edit this photo was using luminosity. To do that, after you use smart sharpen, you double click on the copies little slider icon. This brings up a dialogue box where you select the pull down menu then select luminosity. 


Flat image squirrels


Flat image squirrelsks

Again theres not much of a difference with this edit. This edit didn’t involve a filter at all. I painted the sharpness in by using the sharpen tool. I created a new layer by pressing cmd+ shift+ n, then I named that layer sharpening. I then went up to the options panel and turned on “sample all layers” and made sure “protect detail” was selected. I turned the strength down to about 25% then started brushing in sharpness on and around the faces of the squirrels. After I did that I changed the mode for this layer from normal to luminosity to blend it better. 


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