September 16th, 2014

Today I worked on the Photoshop CC One-on-One: Intermediate course. I finished chapter 15 and I started working on chapter 16.



Water drops2



Dotted rectangle


First I put the Scissors shapes at the bottom of the image. I did this by selecting the custom shape tool. then i went to the shape options and clicked the little gear icon and chose all. then I clicked okay. I chose the scissors I wanted and pressed enter. Then I deed the scissors where I wanted them. i changed the width of the scissors to 161 px. I made some copies of the scissors shape by selecting the path selection tool and while holding the alt key i dragged the scissors to where I wanted them. after making 5 copies I marquee the scissors and went to the path alignment icon. I chose align to selection. then i returned to the alignment icon and chose vertical centers. I returned once more to that icon and selected distribute widths. To add the star I went to the polygon shape tool. Then I went to the gear icon and selected the star. I changed the indent by value to 52.5%. Then I drew a star and moved it to the bottom right corner.



File number: 2450285


File number: 2450285

I selected the carving layer and clicked the fx icon at the bottom right side of the screen. I changed the angle to 135 degrees, the distance and size value to 20 px. I changed the color of the color of the shadow by selecting the color swatch. I changed the hue to 35, saturation to 100, and brightness to 20.  I changed the choke to 30% and the size value to 55 px.  I clicked blending options and changed the fill opacity to 20%. then I changed the mode to multiply.



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