September 22nd, 2014

Today I finished chapters 16 and 17 in the Photoshop CC One-on-One: Intermediate course on



Romance text



Romance textks


First I selected the romance layer and pressed the T key to switch to the type  tool. I selected one letter of the word romance then I brought up the paragraph styles panel and  clicked the little page icon.  Then I double clicked paragraph style one and named it romance style. I dropped down to the clear overwrite button and clicked on it. I clicked on the in the air layer then clicked the romance style to link it. After that I clicked the clear overwrite button again. I switched to the background layer then double clicked on romance style. I clicked on the the color bar and changed the hue vale to 0 degrees which made the print red. I switched to the character styles panel and clicked the little page icon then double clicked to bring up the dialogue box. I clicked in the question mark bar. then I brought the hue to 210, the saturation to 100 and the brightness to 75. I clicked on style name and named it just blue. I double clicked on the word air then I clicked on just blue. I switched back to the paragraph styles panel then double clicked on romance. the video told me to use the font segoe script but I didn’t use that script so I used the font snell rounddhound



Placeholder text



Placeholder textks


First I selected the type tool and clicked in the background layer. I pressed shift while dragging and created a frame that descended into the grass. Then I went to the type pull down menu and clicked on Paste Lorem Ipsum. I pressed enter. Then I switched to the background layer. Then I went to the paragraph styles panel and clicked on the new page icon. I double clck on paragraph style one. I changed the font family to Adobe Caslon pro. I changed the type size to 8pt and the letting size to 9pt. I selected Indents and spacing and I changed 6pts of before spacing. I selected the bottom most text layer and I clicked body copy then clicked the clear overwrite button. I edited the place holder text to how I liked it. then I pressed enter. I pressed cmd+Shift+down arrow a few times. I tripled clicked in the top paragraph and pressed cmd+T. I changed the let in value to 9.5. I changed the space value to 4pt. I clicked on the fly out menu icon and chose redefine style command.


I finished this poster Wednesday but didn’t have time to post it.








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