September 24th, 2014

Today, after taking a test in the career center,  I continued working on chapters 18 and 19 on the Photoshop CC One-on-One: Intermediate course on




Martini Hour

I selected the rectangular marquee tool the right clicked in the image and chose convert to smart object. I pressed cmd+T, clicked on the warp icon and chose flag. I changed the bend value to -15% and pressed enter a few times.

Martini Hour

Then I pressed cmd+J to make a copy of the layer named martini hour. I pressed cmd+T and turned on the link icon, then 94.5%  then pressed enter a few times. I pressed cmd+T again and I dragged the corner while pressing cmd. then while dragging I pressed the shift key. then I added the option key while still dragging. When I got to -10 degrees skew I stopped and pressed enter a few times. I pressed the up arrow a few times to move the font up a little.

I double clicked on the thumbnail for martini hour layer and pressed okay. I went to the image pull down menu and chose canvas size. I turned on the relative check box and changed the width and height to 100px. I went back to the image pull down menu, chose canvas size, changed the height to 100px and selected the top center square. I did the same thing once more but turned off the relative check box, clicked the bottom center square, changed the height to 842px. I selected the line tooland set the weight value to 5px. I drew a line while pressing the shift key directly under the U and dragged it all the way passed the M. I pressed shift+down arrow three times and pressed cmd+D. I selected the line with the black arrow tool and I pressed cmd+option+T. I clicked on the little triangle in the options panel to turn it on. I entered 35 for the Y value and -20 for the x value then pressed enter a few times. This created a duplicate of the line I already created. I pressed cmd+shift+option+T and that made a third copy. I pressed the m key and pressed cmd+T. I clicked the chain link icon, then changed the width to 94.5% then I selected the top left reference point in the little grid, I made sure the delta icon was not selected, clicked on the x and changed the value to 0px, and the Y value to -100. then I pressed the enter key a few times

Martini Hour

I brought up the layers panel and selected the martini hour layer, and clicked the fx icon and chose outer glow. I changed the opacity to 100%, blend mode to normal, color to white, spread value to 50%, size to 2px, technique to softer. I clicked on drop shadow and changed the opacity to 100%, clicked the color swatch, changed the hue value to 285, saturation to 30, brightness to 15. I pressed OK, raised the distance value to 14px and the size value to 16px.

I switched to the starmaker layer and went to the color panel and changed the hue to 285, saturation to 30, and brightness to 15. Then I pressed option key and clicked the black and white icon and chose gradient. I increased the angle value to 91 degrees. I dragged the gradient downward to below the words martini hour. I went to the blend mode pop up menu and changed normal to multiply. I selected the layer glass 1 and changed the opacity to 80%.

Martini Hour




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