September 25th, 2014

Today I finished chapter 19 on the Photoshop CC One-on-One: Intermediate course on



File number: 9594779



File number: 9594779

I double clicked on the background layer to rename it. I right clicked in the image window with the rectangular marquee tool and chose convert to smart object. I went up to the filter pull down menu and chose Liquefy. This brings up an independent window that runs inside of photoshop. I reset all the numerical values. I alternated between using a small brush and a large brush to make the face a little thinner and to tame the model’s stray hairs.



File number: 4474003

I used the push and warp tool to slim the arms and hips:



File number: 4474003


I used the pucker tool to tuck in the model’s tummy and thin her ankles and legs.

File number: 4474003


First I made another copy of the background layer. Then I pressed cmd+shift+X to bring up the liquefy window. I selected the twirl tool, increased the size of my cursor to 600px. I clicked in the center of the model’s face to twirl her head. I increased the density of the brush to 100, then I moved the models head to the right. All of these actions kind of warped her face so I used the warped tool to patiently fix it.

After:File number: 4474003







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