October 28th, 2014

Today I worked on an assigned project. I made a cover photo for Facebook.


cover pic

First I went to the file pull down menu and opened a new document. I made the image 851px by 315px. Then I went on google and searched for a black 160px by 160px square. I copy and pasted that to the plain white background. I went to my Facebook and copy and pasted my profile picture. I Pressed command T to enter the free transform mode then scaled the photo to fit inside the black square. After that I went back to google and found a photo of the pink roses that I decided to use as the background. I lowered the opacity of the photo to 45%. Then I searched “Of Mice & Men pastel” and found the image with the flowers and mice. I copied and pasted that, scaled it, then I moved this layer below the background layer. I went to dafont.com and found  a font that I liked, then typed the lyrics to an Of Mice & Men song and changed the color of the text to pink.


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