November 5th, 2014

Today I worked on chapter 26 of the Photoshop CC One-on-One: Advanced course on I finished this post and somehow managed to delete it before posting it so I had to retype all of it.


Snowy old barn


First I went to the image menu and chose adjustments, then chose curves. I called it reduce contrast. I pressed the K key to select the target adjustment tool. I zoomed in to the barn, clicked a dark place on it, then dragged up.  I clicked in the snow the dragged the cursor down to make the snow have a little more contrast. I pressed cmd zero. I pressed the alt key then clicked on the black white icon and chose vibrance. I renamed it. I changed the saturation value to 40 and the vibrance to 100.

Fixer upper


I pressed the control key and clicked on the blue channel. I pressed cmd+shift+M  and renamed it darken snow. I went to the curves panel and changed the input to 165 and the output value to 85. I alt clicked on the darken snow layer mask thumbnail. I went to the image pull down menu, chose adjustments, then levels. I moved the white triangle to 200 and the black triangle to 90.I alt clicked in the layer mask again.

Purple sky





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