November 10th, 2014

Today I worked on Chapter 27 of the Photoshop CC One-on-One: Advanced course on

I selected Browse in Bridge from the file menu inside Photoshop. I selected the 27_camera_raw folder inside the exercise folder. I clicked on Swim meet-1.dng and shift clicked on Swim meet-4.dng to select all four photos. I went up to the file pull down menu and chose open in camera raw.



Swim meet-1

Swim meet-2

Swim meet-3




Swim meet-4

I pressed the f key to enter full screen mode. I clicked on ‘select all’ in order to edit all the images at once. I went over to the opposite panel and selected auto. I selected all the images again then option+clicked on the last image (Swim meet-4.dng).  I shift+clicked on the synchronize option below the select all option.


before and after_1

before and after_2

before and after_3

before and after_4



I reopen the original 4 photos in camera raw again. i select them all by pressing cmd+a. I go over to the basic panel and select the white balance option of custom then change the temperature to 4900 and the tint t0 -14. to neutralize the photo I select the white balance tool and click on the white stripe of the kid’s swim cap. Then I go back to the basic panel and bring the temperature value to 4550 and the tint to -16. I clicked done.


before and after_5

before and after_6

before and after_7

before and after_8


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