November 17th, 2014

Today I continued working on chapter 27 of the Photoshop CC One-on-One: Advanced course on

The first thing I did was open photoshop, then I went to the file pull down menu and selected browse in bridge. I selected the file named Canalboat.dng and pressed cmd+r to open it in camera raw.


Canal boat


I went to the panel fly out menu icon, chose apply snapshot, then current process 2012.


Canal boatcp

I zoomed into the photo so I could have a close-up view of the face. I went to the lens corrections panel and selected the color tab, then turned on the remove chromatic aberration checkbox. I changed the purple amount slider’s value to 10.


Canal boatca


I zoomed into to the left edge of the boat in the background. I clicked on the HSL/grayscale icon and made the Hue tab active. I selected the targeted adjustment tool and dragged to the left inside the blue until I got a blues value of -10 and a purple value of 0. I zoomed out a little and moved over so that the lady’s face was in view. With the targeted adjustment tool still selected I dragged down in the scarf until I reached a reds value of -10. I clicked on the luminance tab. I zoomed into the little blue boat in the background and dragged down until the blues value goes down to -20 and the auras value to 0.


Canal boatafter



I selected the image named brandnewgloves.jpeg in bridge, then opened it in camera raw.





The first thing I did was crop the image. I dragged the crop tool from a little above the building down to the crook of the lady’s arm. I pressed enter then went to the basic panel and clicked auto. I changed the exposure value to -0.65, the contrast tp 0, the highlights to -40, the shadows to 100, the whites to 20, the blacks to -50, the vibrance to 0, and the saturation to 15. I changed the temperature value to 5. I clicked the HSL/greyscale icon and made sure I was in the hue tab. I selected the targeted adjustment tool and moved to the right until I reached an aquas value of 100 and the blues value to 0. I clicked the luminance tab and dragged down on the sky in the image until the aquas value reached -35 and the blues value to 0.




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