November 18th, 2014

Today we had an assigned project to complete. We made koozies, which is a fun word to say.

I decided to make an Of Mice & Men band koozie.



I got the shell image from google. I also got the Of mice & Men logo and words from google and I just put them on top of the sea shell in a different layer. I used the paint brush tool to create the water color looking background. Then I added the lyrics to two of my favorite Of Mice & Men songs around the shell and logo using the text tool. I changed the opacity of the words to 60%. I also used the blur tool to kind of blur all of the background colors together.


When I was done with that one I wasn’t sure if I liked it that much so I made another one.



I got the heart image from google. I created the background to kind of look like an old, worn book page using the paint brush tool. I used 3 different colors for that. I used the blur tool on a very low opacity to blur the heart image a little with the background. Then I added the words to a Pierce the Veil song.


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