December 18th, 2014

Today I did the Fund Raising Event Flyer Project. I also got to print my calendar!



This flyer is advertising a fundraiser for the Oklahoma Arts Institute at Quartz Mountain. The logo at the bottom belongs to them, I do not own it. I got a paint-looking font from and the background from google. I painted the birds using the tablet and paintbrush tool. I found the paintbrush image off google and changed its color using the paint bucket tool. I typed the font in different colors that match the background. I found the location from the website of the organization from their website and typed that at the bottom as well as the time of the event.


December 17th, 2014

Today I finished the Yearly Calendar Project.

Here are the tops for all the months:


adtr calendar

atl calendar

baao calendar

bmth calendar

cncc calendar

mmf calendar

mp calendar

omam calendar

ptv calendar

sws calendar

ymas calendar


I just used the type tool to type the lyrics on each background. I also had to adjust a few logo sizes using the free transform tool. I made the rest of the calendar using Microsoft excel.


December 16th, 2014

Today I continued working on the Yearly Calendar Project.

My calendar is band related and heres the cover for it so far:




The cover is just one of the projects I did a long time ago. I cropped it to fit the page.

Heres what I have so far for the months:


























All of the background art is done by Dan Mumford, who happens to be my favorite artist. I added each band’s logo for the different months.┬áLater I plan to type lyrics over each of the backgrounds.


December 15th, 2015

Today I finished the backstage pass which means I finished the entire band project! After that I started on the calendar project.

Backstage pass:

backstage pass project

I got all of the fonts from All of the images I used have come from all the other band projects. the british flag from the background is from the concert poster, the vans warped tour logo is from the band shirt design, I added the logo to the bottom right corner. I got the backstage pass template from google.

December 12th, 2015

Today I continued working on the assigned band project.

I finished the magazine cover featuring my band.


magazine project

Yesterday’s work:

magazine project day 2


magazine project finished


I decided to try to find a background I liked better and I did. I copied and pasted it from google, then free transformed it. I also decided to add another color to the fonts. I added light blue to all the fonts that weren’t about Flair for the Dramatic because their theme colors are purple, black, and white. I got a photo of Jeremy from the band A Day to Remember, free transformed it, and made up an announcement to type underneath his picture. I added a bunch of different colored boxes to put behind a lot of the words. I changed their colors using the paint tool. I added a bar code from a Rock Sound magazine. I also ended up getting a different logo because I thought the black logo didn’t stand out enough. I resized and repositioned the album, and I moved a few other things around using the move tool.

December 11th, 2014

Today I continued working on the assigned band project.

I just worked on the magazine featuring my band. Its kind of a mess right now.


magazine project

Todays work:

magazine project day 2

I added the magazine’s logo. I got that from google and free transformed it. I got the black paint splatter background from google as well and free transformed it to fit. I used the font tool and changed the colors of the fonts to match the logo of my band. I added the album artwork I designed and I still have to move that so it fits better with the rest of the magazine. I got a photo of Oli sykes and Kellin quinn and put them on the sides. I still have to finish their captions.

December 10th, 2014

Today I worked on the assigned band project.

I started the magazine featuring my band on the cover:

magazine project

I got separate pictures of each band member and edited them to look like a group photo. I pasted my logo and resized it. I also got a black rectangle from google and resized it using the free transform tool.


After this I went to the ACT prep so I missed the rest of class.

December 9th, 2014

Today I continued working on the assigned band project.

I finished the CD case-


cd project front

I pasted the cloudy purple and black image. I changed the opacity to 35%. I got the image of the girl from google. I added a brightness/contrast layer and resized it. I typed the band’s name in black. I free transformed it and moved it around to where I liked it. I duplicated that text layer, then changed the color of the duplicate to white. I moved this text on top of the black text so that the black text looked like it was shadowing the white text. I got the parental advisory label from google. I typed the album name “Ghost of Us”, then I made it arc upwards. I free transformed it and moved it to where I liked it.




cd project back


The first thing I did was Get the purple and back cloudy image for the background. I changed the opacity of it to 60%. I added all the contact information and copyright stuff to the bottom left of the CD. I got a barcode from google. I got the fearless records logo from google and made it really small using the free transformation tool. I copied my logo and pasted it to the cd. I made up some song names and typed those onto the background. I got that font from I typed a serial number and put it next to the copyright stuff. I made the spine of the CD black and typed the band name and title of the album.

December 8th, 2014

Today I worked on the assigned band project.

I finished my concert shirt design


concert shirt project


concert shirt back project


I used the logo for the front and back. I got the paint spatters from google images and I made the background black. I copied the vans warped tour logo from my concert poster and rotated it. I typed up some tour dates and locations to make it look like a real band tour shirt.

I finished the bumper sticker design:

bumber sticker project


I basically just copied the layers from the shirt. I resized the logo.

I finished the frisbee design:

frisbee project


I copied just a plain white circle from google and pasted it. I pasted my logo, then found the pretty floral design and added that. I used the free transform tool for all of the resizing.

December 5th, 2014

Today I worked on the assigned band project a little more. We also had our classmates criticize our logos. Suggestions my classmates said were to move the font so that it fits better around the logo, change the spelling of flaire to flair, and to change the font. I took all of that into consideration and recreated my logo. I decided not to change the font.


band logo project2


band logo finished

I finished the concert poster:

poster project

I finished the admittance ticket:

ticket project