December 1st, 2014

Today I worked on Chapter 27 of the Photoshop CC One-on-One course on


First I Opened photoshop, went to the file pull down menu and selected browse in bridge. I clicked on the photo I wanted, then pressed Cmd+r to open it in camera raw.


California coast

I went over to the basic panel, clicked the fly out menu, chose apply snapshot, and clicked pretty colors.


California coastprettycolors

I switched to the HSL/grayscale panel. I turned on convert to grayscale. I left the reds value alone, changed the oranges value to 50, the yellows to 30, greens to 15, aquas to -35, blues to -100, purples to 20, and magentas to 4. I switched to the split toning panel. I changed the highlights saturation value to 30 and the hu to 45. I changed the shadows saturation to 5 and the hue to 240. I shift=clicked on the open image button. I zoomed in. I double clicked on the smart object thumbnail. I switched to the HSL grayscale panel and changed the auks value down to -40 and the blues value to -70 and the purples value to -40. I went down to the blue link down at the bottom of the window. I turned on the Sharpen for checkbox and selected glossy paper. I changed the amount value to high and clicked OK. I clicked the OK button again.


ACR smart object



File number: 46674275



File number: 46674275

I double clicked on the background. I named the layer woman. I right clicked inside the image window with my rectangular marquee tool and chose convert to smart object. I went to the filter menu and chose camera raw filter. I selected the radial filter tool. I started dragging from the center of her nose while pressing the shift key. I clicked the minus button beside tint to zero out all the other values. I changed the tint value to -5, exposure to -2.00, contrast to 30, highlights to -30, clarity to 100, saturation to -30. I changed the feather value to 50 and clicked OK. I clicked the new button. I dragged another circle by pressing the shift key while dragging out. I went down in the panel and turned the inside option on. I clicked on the green dot inside the image to turn it on. I scrolled back up the list and clicked on the minus sign next to temperature. The temperature value changed to -30, highlights to -30, shadows to 30, clarity to 50, saturation to 10.

I didn’t have time to post a picture of the project I finished on tuesday before break:

jack and sallyart

I painted this using the drawing tablet. First I painted the background black then I drew the outline using a white pencil. I continued coloring everything in with white pencil/paintbrush. I added the words using the tex tool. Then I used the warp tool to bend the words (lyrics from a blink 182 song) so that they would border the moon. I used the free transform tool to help with this.

Reference photo:



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