December 3rd, 2014

Today I worked on a few different things. I finished chapter 27 on the Photoshop CC One-on-One course: Advanced. Then I worked a little on the assigned band project. I finished the logo and letterhead designs.


band logo project2




I got the clip art of the drama masks from google then colored them both purple using the drawing tablet.  I went on, chose a font, typed the name of the band. I warped each word to fit around the mask drawing.



letterhead project


I duplicated my mask drawing from the logo and pasted it twice on a new page. I free transformed one of them (to shrink it) then moved it to the top left corner of the page. I free transformed the other one and made it bigger, then centered it on the page. I changed the opacity to 14%. Fearless Records is an  actual record label that has signed a lot of my favorite bands. I decided to use their information for my band. We’ll just pretend they’re signed to Fearless Records. I typed all their contact Information then changed the font size and moved it to the top right corner. I got a black line image from google, copied, pasted, then free transformed it to fit the page and moved it underneath the logo and contact information.


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