December 9th, 2014

Today I continued working on the assigned band project.

I finished the CD case-


cd project front

I pasted the cloudy purple and black image. I changed the opacity to 35%. I got the image of the girl from google. I added a brightness/contrast layer and resized it. I typed the band’s name in black. I free transformed it and moved it around to where I liked it. I duplicated that text layer, then changed the color of the duplicate to white. I moved this text on top of the black text so that the black text looked like it was shadowing the white text. I got the parental advisory label from google. I typed the album name “Ghost of Us”, then I made it arc upwards. I free transformed it and moved it to where I liked it.




cd project back


The first thing I did was Get the purple and back cloudy image for the background. I changed the opacity of it to 60%. I added all the contact information and copyright stuff to the bottom left of the CD. I got a barcode from google. I got the fearless records logo from google and made it really small using the free transformation tool. I copied my logo and pasted it to the cd. I made up some song names and typed those onto the background. I got that font from I typed a serial number and put it next to the copyright stuff. I made the spine of the CD black and typed the band name and title of the album.


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