December 12th, 2015

Today I continued working on the assigned band project.

I finished the magazine cover featuring my band.


magazine project

Yesterday’s work:

magazine project day 2


magazine project finished


I decided to try to find a background I liked better and I did. I copied and pasted it from google, then free transformed it. I also decided to add another color to the fonts. I added light blue to all the fonts that weren’t about Flair for the Dramatic because their theme colors are purple, black, and white. I got a photo of Jeremy from the band A Day to Remember, free transformed it, and made up an announcement to type underneath his picture. I added a bunch of different colored boxes to put behind a lot of the words. I changed their colors using the paint tool. I added a bar code from a Rock Sound magazine. I also ended up getting a different logo because I thought the black logo didn’t stand out enough. I resized and repositioned the album, and I moved a few other things around using the move tool.


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