January 7th, 2015

Today I worked on chapter 2 of the Illustrator CC Essential Training course on Lynda.com. I finished chapter 2 of the lessons. Again, the lessons were just about the basics of how to use illustrator, I haven’t actually done anything yet so no before and after pictures. I learned about navigating within a document which just showed me zooming in and out and panning the image. I learned about using rulers and setting guides and grids. I learned how to change the units of measurements from points to pixels. I learned about preview modes which showed me how to look at the outline of the design and to see the overview print (what the print version of the design will look like). I learned about creating and using custom views which showed me how to create instant shortcuts to various points in my document. I learned how to lock and hide my artwork. I also learned how to create and use artboards which allows you to have multi page layouts.


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