January 8th, 2015

Today I started chapter 3 of the Illustrator CC Essential Training course on Lynda.com. I learned how to use all the tools that I learned about in Adobe Photoshop but how to use them in illustrator instead. I learned about setting your selection preferences. in the next video I learned about the direct selection tool and the group selection tool. The direct selection tool lets you select a single part of your artwork while if you click once with the the group selection tool it selects one part and if you click again in the same place it selects the entire piece, click three times the whole group is selected. I learned how to use the magic wand tool. If you double click on the wand tool a preference box comes up where you change the settings of the tool. Dragging the tolerance level to the left makes it more precise and dragging it to the right makes it more broad. I learned how to use the lasso tool which lets me draw around the object I want to select. After that, I watched a video that taught me how to select objects by attribute. I can select an object go up to the select pull down menu and close same then fill color. This selects everything on the dartboard that are the same color. I can click on a color in the side panel and that will automatically change the colors of everything selected. After that I learned how to group objects by selecting a piece of artwork, then I held down the shift key and selected another object, then pressed cmd+G to group the two objects. The next video showed me how to ungroup an object by using isolation mode. I enter isolation mode by double clicking on the artwork. Then I double click on a piece of the group and change what I want on it. I learned how to evenly resize my artwork by pressing the shift key while I  drag the diagonal arrow. You can also click an anchor point and resize while holding down the shift key. After that I learned about rotating objects, which is pretty simple. After that I watched the distorting and transforming objects video. First I used the shape tool to make three stars then changed the colors of them.






I went to the tool panel clicked and held the warped tool then selected the twirl tool and checked and held on different part of the pink star. I selected the the yellow star, grabbed the pucker tool and drew points into the middle to create a flower-like object. I selected the green star, grabbed the bloat tool then clicked and held each point on the star.


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