January 14th, 2014

Today I started one of the October 2014 photoshop projects.

I stated by creating a document measuring 1000×1500 px. Then I selected the foreground color picker and changed all of the RGB numbers to 174. Then I pressed Option=delete and that changed the color of the document to gray.


After that I opened the wheat field image that was available in the exercise files and selected some of the front wheat field. I copied that selection, then pasted onto the bottom of the gray page. I moved it to the bottom of the scree then went up to the options panel and clicked on refine edge. in the edge detection section i changed the radius to 17.5px then pressed OK. Then I used the warp tool to move the left side of the wheat field up a little and the right side down slightly. I pressed cmd+U to open the hue/sat dialog, then changed the saturation to -40.

after field

I made a hill in the background by selecting the lasso tool and selecting an area of the wheat field from the top left corner. I pressed cmd+J to copy the selection into a new layer. I dragged that layer underneath the original wheat field layer. I pressed cmd+L to bring up the levels dialog. I changed the value of the whilte slider to 143 and clicked OK. I went to the edit pull down menu, clicked transform, then warp. I warped the layer to try to make it look like a hill in the background. I pressed enter then changed the opacity of the layer to 30%. I created a new layer mask and pressed G to select the gradient tool. I dragged down from the top of the wheat field to just below the top to fade it a little.

wheat hill


I created a new layer, went up to the edit menu, then selected fill. In the fill dialog I set the Use drop down menu to Pattern, then turned on Scripted Patterns by checking the box next to it. I chose Tree from the Script drop down menu and clicked OK. This opened the tree panel. In the tree drop down menu I selected number 11. I set the light detection to 180 and the camera tilt to 12. I changed the leaves amount to 0, set the arrangement to 100, and clicked OK.

creepy tree

I pressed cmd+T. I scaled the tree larger and disproportional. I moved it to the left side. I pressed enter when I got the tree where I wanted it. Then I moved the tree layer below the wheat field layer. I pressed cmd+L to open the levels dialog. I move the shadow and midtown input levels sliders to the right until the tree is a little darker but still has details then pressed OK. This next part was a little tricky. I made the tree layer active, I held down the cmd key while I click don the tree icon, then while still holding down the cmd key I clicked the new layer icon. Then I pressed option+delete. Then, finally, I pressed cmd+D. After that I changed the opacity of the original tree layer to around 53% to make it look like there was a fog around it.

foggy tree





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