January 22nd, 2015

Today I continued working on the assigned photoshop project. The one I’m working on is called Atmospheric Horror Effects.

This is what I left off with yesterday:

hanging noose

So the files didn’t have the grim reaper image thats in the original photo that I’m trying to recreate so I just opened the original photo and used the rectangular  marquee tool to make a selection around the grim reaper figure, then I copied and pasted it onto my photo and matched it with the surroundings. I also changed the opacity of the hanging noose to 70% so that it matched the surroundings.

grim reaper in wheat

After that I added the words, giving the photo a movie poster look, using the text tool.

My finished image:

finished horror atmosphere

Original image:

original atmospheric horror effects

After I finished this I started working on an image in photoshop using the skills I learned from this tutorial.

I started by looking for a cemetery photo:

cemetary reference

Then I used the rectangular marquee tool and selected just the bottom half of it. Then I went to the options panel and selected refine edge, and in the edge detection section I changed the radius to about 60px. I moved this layer to the page I was working in.

cemetary screenshot

Then I found a photo with some nice grass and used the rectangular marquee tool to make a selection. I clicked refine edge and changed the edge detection to about 17.5px. I moved this layer to the photo was working in. I warped the grass to look like a hill. I clicked cmd+L to open the levels dialog and brought the output level down to 143.

hill screenshot

I made a copy of this layer then pressed Cmd+T to enter the free transform mode. I right clicked and selected flip horizontal. I moved this hill to the other side of the photo. Then I changed the background color to a dark navy blue. After adding the second hill, I made the left one a little darker in the levels dialog. This made it look like it was behind the hill on the right.

two hills

I found a few silhouettes of tombstones, creepy crows, and branches then adjusted their levels as needed.


After that I found a few creepy tree silhouettes and made a gradient to make the sky darker. I made a new layer and used the paint bucket tool to color the whole layer a grey color. I changed the opacity to about 55%. I also added a brightness/contrast layer.

gradient trees

I added changed the background color a really dark grey. Then I added an image of a full moon and added another grey filter on top. I added some wispy grey misty clouds around the moon using the lasso tool.

moon and sky








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