January 26th, 2015

Today I finished working on chapter 4 of the Illustrator CC Essential Training course on Lynda.com.

I learned how to make spot colors. first I double click on the grey R, then I click again on it. I go to the swatches dialog box and clicked don create a new watch icon. I changed the process color option to spot color, and changed the name to Logo Grey. I did the exact same thing to the orange and purple A’s except I named them Logo Orange and Logo Purple. Then I changed the grey letters at the bottom to the exact same grey of the R.


After that I learned how to create new swatch groups. In the swatches dialog box I click the little manilla folder icon. I renamed it Branding Swatches and hit okay. I click on each colored circled and drag it to the folder of my color in order.

After that I learned how to work with color libraries.



First, I clicked on the artboard to select the image. I went to the swatch panel and clicked on the little stack of books icon in the bottom left hand corner. I open the one called earth tones. I clicked on one of the flower petal looking things, then I changed each color of the swatch to the earth tones.



I learned how to import and send swatches. But first I learned how to open states that have been sent to me. I opened the swatches dialog and clicked on the stack of books icon. I went down and chose other library, then I went to desktop, chose the exercise files folder, chose chapter 4, and opened brand_colors. To add these to my swatches panel I just click on the little folder icon to the left of the colors. I opened another document, went to window, swatch libraries, other library, went to desktop, exercise files, chapter 4, and color libraries. This opened the color libraries dialog. If I click on the folder icon they add the swatch group to my current swatch dialog.


After that I learn how to use the color guide panel.

I start off with this image:


Then I go to the color panel and move the color guide dialog onto the art board. I made the blue of the petal the active color and it made swatches of colors that would go well with that blue. I went to the drop down. I selected monochromatic, then went to color guide options from the color menu and changed the steps value to 7 and the variation to 50%. I removed the stroke component. I selected each petal and changed it individual color.



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