January 28th, 2015

Today I worked on one of the additional photoshop projects. This file didn’t come with any images so I just did my own thing with the tutorial. The tutorial is called Classic Flower Power.

This was there final image(which I screenshot) :

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 9.45.23 AM


This was my start image that I got from google:

start image


I selected the rectangular marquee tool. I used it to select the left side of the field, then I pressed cmd+c to copy it. I pressed cmd+d to deselect the field. I pressed cmd+v to paste the part of the fieild I selected. I moved the original field image so that the girl was more to the left and not the middle. Then I moved the copied part of the field to the right to fill the gap that I left. I used the free transform tool an the blur tool to make it look like that part belonged there.

2nd start image


I found this flower from google:

yellow flower


I selected the quick selection tool, clicked and dragged on the inside of the flower until everything inside was selected. I switched to the move tool and clicked and dragged the flower layer into my first document. I renamed it “original”. Then I pressed cmd+J to make a copy of the flower. I renamed it “backup”. I hid the back up layer and dragged it underneath the original layer. I held down the option key and dragged out copies of the flower to fill up the page. I used the free transform tool to resize and rotate some. To give more variety I went into free transform mode right clicked in the bounding box and chose distort, then I dragged the corners to set the flower at a different angle. I did this to about half of the flowers.

flowers everywhere


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