January 29th, 2015

Today I continued working on the April Photoshop project called classic flower power.

Here’s what I left off with yesterday:

flowers everywhere


I put the flowers into 3 different groups based on size. I put the big flowers in a group called close up, the medium flowers in a group called middle, and the small flowers in a group called far. I selected the close up layer and went to the filter pull down menu, clicked blur, then gaussian blur. I set the radius to 10 px. I selected the far layer and added a gaussian blur of 5px. I went to the middle layer and added a gaussian blur of 3px. This made the bigger flowers look close up and the small flowers look farther back. I made the middle flowers be the most focused because they’re supposed to be at the same depth as the little girl. I merged all of the flower layers together by pressing cmd+option+shift+E. I clicked on the new merged layer and went to filter, convert for smart filters. I went back to the filter menu and chose camera raw to open the image in camera raw. I went to the radial filter by pressing J. I changed all the sliders onto 0 except the sharpness and clarity. I set the sharpness to -70 and the clarity to -32. I clicked on the little girl and dragged the oval around her. I made sure the effect setting was set to Outside.

blurry flowers

Then I added an old page image from google and resized it using the free transform tool. I typed the words Flower Shower and found a decorative font line to put in between the two words. I recolored that line white to match the words using the paint bucket tool. I then typed some words into a paragraph from old bridal articles.

The original final image:

original flower shower

My finished version:

finished flowers project




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