January 30th, 2014

Today I worked on one of the additional photoshop projects called How to create a sketch from a photo.

I started with this photo:

oliver sykes portrait

I made two copies of this image in my layers panel by pressing cmd+j twice. I desaturated both copies by going to the image pulldown menu, selecting adjustments, then selecting desaturate. I inverted the second copy by going back to the image pull down menu, adjustments, then selected invert. I right clicked on the active layer that i was in (the second copy) clicked blending options, then changed the blend mode to color dodge. . Then I went to the filter menu, selected other, then minimum and changed it to 2px. I copied the the original layer again, moved it to the top of the layers stack, and changed the blending mode to color. I went to the filter pull down menu, chose filter gallery, and selected the rough pastels filter. I changed the stroke length to 5, the stroke detail to 4, the texture to sandstone, scaling to 91, and relief to 30. I hit okay then changed the blending mode for this layer to multiply. I reduced the opacity to about 60%.

Finished image:

oliver sykes portrait copy


Next I started the how to create a caricature in Photoshop tutorial but didn’t get far.


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