February 27th, 2015

I took the brain bench exam again nd still didn’t earn a certification. I did a small project for my friend Aileen who is a big fan of Beyonce.

beyonce fan picture

I got this picture and removed the face.

Then I got this picture from Aileen:


I used the quick selection tool to select Aileen’s face, then I pressed cmd+j to move it to the original fan picture. I moved the new layer underneath the other one. I free transformed Aileen’s face so that it fit in the hole where the other girls face use to be.  Then I used the paint brush tool and the warp tool to make the new face blend in with the old picture. I also used the blur tool. Then I added a brightness/contrast layer.

The results:

beyonce and aileen 2



After doing that short project I started a new drawing on the tablet

So far this is what I have finished:

galaxy girl

I used the paint brush tool and eraser tool to make this. I used some really cool paint brushes that I downloaded to make the hair look like a galaxy.


February 26th, 2015

Today I created a cd cover for the cd that contains my art work that I have to send to a college.

cd template


February 24th, 2015

Today I finished writing the written inventory for part of a college application. I took a brain bench test over illustrator but didn’t earn a certification. Then I worked not he movie poster.

What I already had finished:

background movie poster


I found this puddle of blood image on google:



Then I pasted it to my back ground and used the warp tool to  make it look like a puddle on the ground:

movie poster project blood

I found this image of bloody hands:



I used the quick selection tool to select the hands I clicked on refine edge then I changed the settings to how I liked. I pressed cmd+j and moved that layer onto my poster image. I free transformed it to fit right then moved it on top of the puddle. I used the paint brush tool set on a low opacity with a dark color to blend the hands in with the puddle:

movie poster project #2 hands in blood

Thats all I got done with today.


February 19th, 2015

Today I did the movie poster project. I edited my face into the place of the original actors face.

Original movie poster:


movie poster3




My picture:



Edited movie poster:


The first thing I did was select the face of the girl using the quick selection tool, then I deleted it. I opened the picture of me in photoshop and selected my face using the quick selection tool. I pressed cmd+j to copy the selection onto a new layer. Then I moved that layer into the original poster file. I moved the layer of my face behind the poster layer. I flipped my face horizontally so that my bangs would be on the other side of my face. I pressed cmd+t to enter the free transform option. I fit my face into the empty space.  Then I went to the image pull down menu, adjustments, then clicked color balance. I just moved the sliders until I found a setting that I liked. I used the dodge tool to add highlights to my face. I used the blur tool to blend my face more into the shape of the girls. I selected my lips using the quick selection tool then I went to curves and changes the color to a darkish red. I used the spot healing tool to remove a few blemishes and stray hairs that were falling near my eyes. I used the paint brush tool with a low opacity to add a little shadow to the side of my face. I also used it to add to my eyelashes. I used the paintbrush tool to cover Julia Roberts name. I used the text tool to type my name in a similar font and color of the original poster.

February 18th, 2015

Today I finished chapter 7 and started chapter 8 of the Illustrator CC Essential Training course on Lynda.com.

I started off with learning about working  with the paintbrush and pencil tools. The video just had me draw a few shapes and lines and showed me how to adjust some of the settings for each tool.

After that I learned about smoothing and erasing paths. The video had me draw a flower using the mouse.


Then I selected the smooth tool and just drew around the petals of the flower, then the circle in the middle to smooth them.


After that the video told me to add a stem and some leaves to the flower using the mouse.


I grabbed the smoothing tool again and selected each leaf and drew around them to smooth them out. I also learned I could erase mistakes by using the path eraser tool.



After that I learned about the curvature tool and how it can manipulate shapes by changing, moving, adding and subtracting points.

After that I started chapter 8 and in this video I learned about the pen tool.

I started out with this image:


I selected the vase artwork, went up to the effect menu, and clicked 3D. I chose revolve and in the options I turned the preview on.


After that I learned about using the pen tool then fixing the shape using the direct selection tool. I used it to draw a star:

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 10.09.49 AM


After that I watched a video teaching me how to make curves using the pen tool which was very difficult. i made a fish/whale looking thing:

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 10.23.31 AM



February 17th, 2015

Today I continued chapter 7 of the Illustrator CC Essential Training course on Lynda.com.

The first thing I did was open the document. After that I selected the ellipse tool and I formed two circles. I changed the stroke of the circles to a blue color.


I made sure both circles were selected then I found the pathfinder tab in the right side panel and selected the option Unite.




I undid that and went back to just the original two circles. I selected them and went back to the pathfinder tab and chose the option to minus front. This got rid of the object in front.



After that I pressed cmd+z to undo. I then selected the original two circles again and went to the pathfinder tab and selected intersect. This eliminated everything outside of the point where the two shapes intersect each other.


I pressed cmd+z, selected both circles, went to the pathfinder tab and selected exclude. At first it looked like nothing really happened but then I reversed the fill and this is what happened:


After that I watched another video and learned how to work with the shape builder tool. I started with this document:


I zoomed in to the circles, selected them, then selected the shape builder tool. I clicked and dragged across the circles and by default this merged them.

circles merge

I pressed cmd+z to undo that. I selected the circles again and then selected the shape builder tool again, this time I pressed alt while I dragged across the front circle. This deleted what I dragged over.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 9.13.59 AM


After that I moved over to the flower shaped piece of artwork:

Flower start

I selected the piece of artwork then selected the shape builder tool. I held down the alt key while dragging over parts of the art that I wanted to remove.



After that I went over to the logo and zoomed in on it:

raa shape builder

I selected the  group, right clicked, and chose ungroup. Then I selected the R. I pressed shift and also selected the A. I selected the shape builder tool and dragged a line where the R and A intersect. This made the A a grey color.

RAA grey

Other than that it doesn’t really look like anythings changed but if I click the R and go into isolation mode you can see that the part where the R was behind the A is now gone.



February 13th, 2015

Today I started a new project using the drawing tablet. I painted a girl with bright blue eyes and colorful hair.

time stands still

I drew the girl using the paint brush tool. I got the piercing images from google and used the free transform tool to scale them and I warped the nose ring to fit with the nose. The most difficult part of this was trying to paint it with no hard outlines. But I love how it turned out.

February 12th, 2015

Today I finished the Valentines Project:

Yesterday’s work:

valentines day project2


valentines day project finished


I fixed a few things with the hands using the drawing tablet. I didn’t like the font that I drew in the first picture, so I erased that and used a font that I found on daft.com. Then I added the words and used the free transform tool to move that around. I also used it to arc some of the words.

After that I continued working on one of the additional projects that I started last week.

Where I left off:


The first thing I did was click on the layer with the spiral things in the background that I added at the very beginning, then I changed the opacity to about 80%. I couldn’t find the same font that the other person used in their tutorial so I just used the tablet to draw the words on.

free flight

Then I typed the other words because they had a regular looking font. and that was the last step.

Book Poster Project FINISHED