February 4th, 2015

Today I continued working on the how to create a caricature using Photoshop project.

I Started with this photo:

austin carlile caricature


I used the quick selection tool to select him from the background, then I pressed cmd+j to copy that selection into another layer.

I individually selected the mouth, chin, eyes, nose, head, body,ear,and hair, then put them in their own layers. I used the free transform tool to make the body smaller. Then I used the warp tool to fit the neck into the newly sized body. I warped the head to make it big and disproportionate. I used camera raw to make it look cartoonish using filters and such. I went to the layer pull down menu, clicked smart object, then convert to smart object. I went to filter then clicked liquify. when the dialogue box came up, I checked the advanced mode to reveal the additional controls. I selected the forward warp tool and changed the brush size to around 200. Then I gently increased the size of the forehead. I selected the bloat tool and clicked the tip of his nose about 3 times. I also used the bloat tool on his eyes to make them look bigger and a little more cartoonish. I extended the a bit more using the forward warp tool. and then I used the bloat tool on the tip of the chin to give it a more bulbous effect. I made his smile even bigger using the forward warp tool. I applied the effect and this is what it looked like:

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 10.08.37 AM copy

I added a layer mask to the caricature layer and used a textured brush to fade the bottom of the layer out. this made the shoulders kind of fade into the background. I chose the sponge brush projection brush preset. I reduced the brushes opacity to about 40%. I opened the background that I wanted to use and placed it underneath the caricature layer in the layers panel. I added a new layer over the textured background, I used a textured breaths add in a white brushed border effect. I went to the filter pull down menu, chose blur, and then smart blur. I changed the radius to 2.0, the threshold to 10.0, and set the quality to high. I went to the curves adjustment layer and used curves to reduced the highlights. I created a new layer at the top of the new layer stack. i selected the smudge tool and changed the brush size to about 40px, I set the strength to 80%, then I set the strength to 80%, and checked the sample all layers option. I began smudging the major areas of the image. i reduced the brush size and used the tool for the hair, eyes and facial hair. I created a merged layer of all the layers by holding down alt while going to the layer pull down menu and choosing merge visible.. Then I went to the filter pull down menu and chose camera raw. I set to contrast to 10. clarity to 22, and the vibrance to 48.

Finished image:

caricature finished


This is an image of the example I was given:

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 10.47.56 AM







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