February 5th, 2015

Today I finished explaining how I did the caricature image using photoshop. I edited that post from yesterday. After that I started the Create a Book Poster Project.

This is their finished tutorial image that I recreated:

final result

I started off by creating a new document in photoshop with 950px for the width and 1000px for the height. I selected the paint bucket tool and painted the background with the color black. I added this light texture:

light texture


I scaled it a bit bigger then duplicated the layer and rotated the copy using the free transform tool.

I opened the model image and selected the model from the background using the quick selection tool. I clicked the refine edge option and increased the smooth and feather sliders a bit. I pressed cmd+j to make a copy of the selection in a new layer, then moved that new layer into the book poster image.

model with light texture

I created a new layer, painted it a dark grey using the paint bucket tool, then I changed the blending mode to Vivid Light. I reduced the opacity to 65%

vivid light effect

I created a new layer and selected  a cloud paint brush and used the colors orange and yellow to paint around the girl. I used a few star brushed too in the color white. Then I added some planets using the galaxy brushes.


That’s all I got done today.



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