February 19th, 2015

Today I did the movie poster project. I edited my face into the place of the original actors face.

Original movie poster:


movie poster3




My picture:



Edited movie poster:


The first thing I did was select the face of the girl using the quick selection tool, then I deleted it. I opened the picture of me in photoshop and selected my face using the quick selection tool. I pressed cmd+j to copy the selection onto a new layer. Then I moved that layer into the original poster file. I moved the layer of my face behind the poster layer. I flipped my face horizontally so that my bangs would be on the other side of my face. I pressed cmd+t to enter the free transform option. I fit my face into the empty space.  Then I went to the image pull down menu, adjustments, then clicked color balance. I just moved the sliders until I found a setting that I liked. I used the dodge tool to add highlights to my face. I used the blur tool to blend my face more into the shape of the girls. I selected my lips using the quick selection tool then I went to curves and changes the color to a darkish red. I used the spot healing tool to remove a few blemishes and stray hairs that were falling near my eyes. I used the paint brush tool with a low opacity to add a little shadow to the side of my face. I also used it to add to my eyelashes. I used the paintbrush tool to cover Julia Roberts name. I used the text tool to type my name in a similar font and color of the original poster.


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