February 24th, 2015

Today I finished writing the written inventory for part of a college application. I took a brain bench test over illustrator but didn’t earn a certification. Then I worked not he movie poster.

What I already had finished:

background movie poster


I found this puddle of blood image on google:



Then I pasted it to my back ground and used the warp tool to  make it look like a puddle on the ground:

movie poster project blood

I found this image of bloody hands:



I used the quick selection tool to select the hands I clicked on refine edge then I changed the settings to how I liked. I pressed cmd+j and moved that layer onto my poster image. I free transformed it to fit right then moved it on top of the puddle. I used the paint brush tool set on a low opacity with a dark color to blend the hands in with the puddle:

movie poster project #2 hands in blood

Thats all I got done with today.



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