February 27th, 2015

I took the brain bench exam again nd still didn’t earn a certification. I did a small project for my friend Aileen who is a big fan of Beyonce.

beyonce fan picture

I got this picture and removed the face.

Then I got this picture from Aileen:


I used the quick selection tool to select Aileen’s face, then I pressed cmd+j to move it to the original fan picture. I moved the new layer underneath the other one. I free transformed Aileen’s face so that it fit in the hole where the other girls face use to be.  Then I used the paint brush tool and the warp tool to make the new face blend in with the old picture. I also used the blur tool. Then I added a brightness/contrast layer.

The results:

beyonce and aileen 2



After doing that short project I started a new drawing on the tablet

So far this is what I have finished:

galaxy girl

I used the paint brush tool and eraser tool to make this. I used some really cool paint brushes that I downloaded to make the hair look like a galaxy.


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