March 4th, 2015

Today I finished Assignment 6 of Lesson 2 in the Non-Designer’s Design Book. I had to choose an upcoming  event in Oklahoma City and make a flyer for that event.

The first thing I did was type all of the information about the event using 2 different font and 2 different colors. I tested a few different colors before deciding on green and black.

OKC event flyer words

After that I added a border that i found from google that matched the theme. I used free transform to scale it to fit the flyer.

OKC event flyer border

After that I added a back ground, scaled it, and decreased the opacity to 20%.

OKC event flyer background

After that I added a little clip art of a pot of gold.

OKC event flyer finished

But I think I like this version better:


OKC event flyer finished2


I took out the clip art and moved all of the text down.

After that I started on Lesson 3 Assignment 1. Which was to read pages 31-48 of the Non-Designers Design Book.


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