March 10th, 2015

Today I continued working on Assignment 4 in Lesson 3 of the Non-Designer’s Design Book.

I decided to completely do away with yesterday’s design because I  didn’t like it. I went back to the original letterhead I had made:

Frascht Photography letterhead

I got rid of the top border, and the camera at the bottom. I changed the font of the contact info to match the font I used for the edited business card. I increased the opacity of the camera logo at the top to 100%. I got the background I used for the edited business card and pasted onto the letterhead. I moved it to the top left corner of the paper and stretched the image to fit the width of the paper. Then I dragged the bottom up so the border would be thinner. I pressed cmd+t then right licked in the square and chose warp. I dragged the points and images around until I git the shape I wanted for the top border. I duplicated that, then rotated the opposite way and moved it to the bottom of the page. I also changed the size of the font naming the business.

Frascht Photography letterhead colorful


Then I duplicated the top layer again grabbed the paint bucket tool and paint the duplicate green. I placed that layer behind the top border but peeled it out a little. I did the same with bottom border.

Frascht Photography letterhead border green

I feel like this design is a lot more interesting and fun than the original.

After that I started on Assignment 5. I started editing my flyer to fit the principle of alignment.


Frascht Photography Flyer

This is what I got done today:

Frascht Photography Flyer edited font

All I’ve done so far is use a different font and decrease the size of the letters. I also moved them around a little to see where I wanted to put the text blocks.


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