May 4th, 2105

Today my assignment was to create a letterhead and write a letter to my instructor. The letter involved telling her why I took the class, what I expected, What I liked and disliked about the class, and what my future plans were.

Heres the basic letterhead I designed (without the personal information) :

End of Year Letter without address

I designed it to look similar to my senior announcement. I just did a light violet background, added grey border to the top and left sides and added the flowers.

After that I started assignment 6 of Lesson 7 of the Non-Designer’s Design Book.

For this Assignment I made an envelope for Frillio’s Pizza:

frillios envelope


One comment on “May 4th, 2105

  1. Thank you for the letter. Very nice letter head design. I enjoyed the letter. You are very talented and have a great personality and attitude. I will miss having you in class! Great job on your envelope design. Very attractive and clean design.


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