Assigned Projects

This is my work of assigned projects that I have completed in Digital Design.


Today I made a poster for the Riversport Adventures “Haunt the River”.


I used a photo I found on google for the background then clicked the black white icon and brought the brightness down and the contrast up to make the photo look darker. I got all the fonts from and I got all the information for the event from


Today I worked on an assigned project. I made a cover photo for Facebook.

cover pic

First I went to the file pull down menu and opened a new document. I made the image 851px by 315px. Then I went on google and searched for a black 160px by 160px square. I copy and pasted that to the plain white background. I went to my Facebook and copy and pasted my profile picture. I Pressed command T to enter the free transform mode then scaled the photo to fit inside the black square. After that I went back to google and found a photo of the pink roses that I decided to use as the background. I lowered the opacity of the photo to 45%. Then I searched “Of Mice & Men pastel” and found the image with the flowers and mice. I copied and pasted that, scaled it, then I moved this layer below the background layer. I went to and found  a font that I liked, then typed the lyrics to an Of Mice & Men song and changed the color of the text to pink.


Today I finished the assigned project of the magazine cover. This magazine is called KERRANG! and its main focus is music, specifically rock/metal.


This project was a lot of fun for me and I like how it turned out.


Today I finished the assigned project from yesterday. I just added a few more things to it. Then I started working on chapter 26 of the Photoshop CC One-on-One: Advanced course on


The first thing I did was make a blue background. Then I added a gradient layer. I found the image of Cathy and used the selection tool to select only her  and not the background. I copied and pasted that image onto my background. I googled dark blue rectangle and copied one I liked. Then I pasted it onto the photo and moved the layer behind the Cathy layer. I duplicated this layer and moved it to the bottom of the photo. I typed the font  and found the check box image on google.

I went to Cathy’s website ( and looked for main points of her views. And from what I read I can’t tell family, education, and diversity are very important topics for her. So I added those things to the bottom of the billboard using the text tool. I added little bullets in front of those words.


Today we had an assigned project to complete. We made koozies, which is a fun word to say.

I decided to make an Of Mice & Men band koozie.


I got the shell image from google. I also got the Of mice & Men logo and words from google and I just put them on top of the sea shell in a different layer. I used the paint brush tool to create the water color looking background. Then I added the lyrics to two of my favorite Of Mice & Men songs around the shell and logo using the text tool. I changed the opacity of the words to 60%. I also used the blur tool to kind of blur all of the background colors together.

When I was done with that one I wasn’t sure if I liked it that much so I made another one.


I got the heart image from google. I created the background to kind of look like an old, worn book page using the paint brush tool. I used 3 different colors for that. I used the blur tool on a very low opacity to blur the heart image a little with the background. Then I added the words to a Pierce the Veil song.

Today we had an assigned project to create a black friday sale poster.

I decided to do one for Hot Topic and this is how it turned out:


I got the hot topic logo from google, then I transformed it. I got the background photo from google as well and I changed the opacity to 55%. I got the font from and typed the words. I got a black rectangle image from google, made the opacity very low, free transformed it to fit behind a group of words, then duplicated and free transformed 6 other rectangles to go behind all the other groups of words.


I worked a little on the assigned band project. I finished the logo and letterhead designs.


band logo project2

I got the clip art of the drama masks from google then colored them both purple using the drawing tablet.  I went on, chose a font, typed the name of the band. I warped each word to fit around the mask drawing.



I finished the concert poster:

poster project

I finished the admittance ticket:

ticket project



Today I worked on the assigned band project.

I finished the envelope:

envelope project

I finished the business card:

business card project


I finished the letterhead:

letterhead project

I duplicated my mask drawing from the logo and pasted it twice on a new page. I free transformed one of them (to shrink it) then moved it to the top left corner of the page. I free transformed the other one and made it bigger, then centered it on the page. I changed the opacity to 14%. Fearless Records is an  actual record label that has signed a lot of my favorite bands. I decided to use their information for my band. We’ll just pretend they’re signed to Fearless Records. I typed all their contact Information then changed the font size and moved it to the top right corner. I got a black line image from google, copied, pasted, then free transformed it to fit the page and moved it underneath the logo and contact information.



Today I worked on the assigned band project.

I finished my concert shirt design


concert shirt project


concert shirt back project


I used the logo for the front and back. I got the paint spatters from google images and I made the background black. I copied the vans warped tour logo from my concert poster and rotated it. I typed up some tour dates and locations to make it look like a real band tour shirt.

I finished the bumper sticker design:

bumber sticker project


I basically just copied the layers from the shirt. I resized the logo.

I finished the frisbee design:

frisbee project


I copied just a plain white circle from google and pasted it. I pasted my logo, then found the pretty floral design and added that. I used the free transform tool for all of the resizing.

Today I continued working on the assigned band project.

I finished the CD case-


cd project front

I pasted the cloudy purple and black image. I changed the opacity to 35%. I got the image of the girl from google. I added a brightness/contrast layer and resized it. I typed the band’s name in black. I free transformed it and moved it around to where I liked it. I duplicated that text layer, then changed the color of the duplicate to white. I moved this text on top of the black text so that the black text looked like it was shadowing the white text. I got the parental advisory label from google. I typed the album name “Ghost of Us”, then I made it arc upwards. I free transformed it and moved it to where I liked it.




cd project back


The first thing I did was Get the purple and back cloudy image for the background. I changed the opacity of it to 60%. I added all the contact information and copyright stuff to the bottom left of the CD. I got a barcode from google. I got the fearless records logo from google and made it really small using the free transformation tool. I copied my logo and pasted it to the cd. I made up some song names and typed those onto the background. I got that font from I typed a serial number and put it next to the copyright stuff. I made the spine of the CD black and typed the band name and title of the album.

Today I continued working on the assigned band project.


magazine project finished


I added the magazine’s logo. I got that from google and free transformed it. I got the black paint splatter background from google as well and free transformed it to fit. I used the font tool and changed the colors of the fonts to match the logo of my band. I added the album artwork I designed and I still have to move that so it fits better with the rest of the magazine. I got a photo of Oli sykes and Kellin quinn and put them on the sides. I still have to finish their captions.

I decided to try to find a background I liked better and I did. I copied and pasted it from google, then free transformed it. I also decided to ad another color to the fonts. I added light blue to all the fonts that weren’t about Flair for the Dramatic because their theme colors are purple, black, and white. I got a photo of jeremy from the band A Day to Remember, free transformed it, and made up an announcement to type underneath his picture. I added a bunch of different colored boxes to put behind a lot of the words. I changed their colors using the paint tool. I added a bar code from a Rock Sound magazine. I also ended up getting a different logo because I thought the black logo didn’t stand out enough. I resized and repositioned the album, and I moved a few other things around using the move tool.


Backstage pass:

backstage pass project

I got all of the fonts from All of the images I used have come from all the other band projects. the british flag from the background is from the concert poster, the vans warped tour logo is from the band shirt design, I added the logo to the bottom right corner. I got the backstage pass template from google.


‘Today I finished the Yearly Calendar Project.

Here are the tops for all the months:


adtr calendar

atl calendar

baao calendar

bmth calendar

cncc calendar

mmf calendar

mp calendar

omam calendar

ptv calendar

sws calendar

ymas calendar


I just used the type tool to type the lyrics on each background. I also had to adjust a few logo sizes using the free transform tool. I made the rest of the calendar using Microsoft excel.


Today I did the Fund Raising Event Flyer Project. I also got to print my calendar!



This flyer is advertising a fundraiser for the Oklahoma Arts Institute at Quartz Mountain. The logo at the bottom belongs to them, I do not own it. I got a paint-looking font from and the background from google. I painted the birds using the tablet and paintbrush tool. I found the paintbrush image off google and changed its color using the paint bucket tool. I typed the font in different colors that match the background. I found the location from the website of the organization from their website and typed that at the bottom as well as the time of the event.


Today I started one of the October 2014 photoshop projects.

I stated by creating a document measuring 1000×1500 px. Then I selected the foreground color picker and changed all of the RGB numbers to 174. Then I pressed Option=delete and that changed the color of the document to gray.


After that I opened the wheat field image that was available in the exercise files and selected some of the front wheat field. I copied that selection, then pasted onto the bottom of the gray page. I moved it to the bottom of the scree then went up to the options panel and clicked on refine edge. in the edge detection section i changed the radius to 17.5px then pressed OK. Then I used the warp tool to move the left side of the wheat field up a little and the right side down slightly. I pressed cmd+U to open the hue/sat dialog, then changed the saturation to -40.

after field

I made a hill in the background by selecting the lasso tool and selecting an area of the wheat field from the top left corner. I pressed cmd+J to copy the selection into a new layer. I dragged that layer underneath the original wheat field layer. I pressed cmd+L to bring up the levels dialog. I changed the value of the whilte slider to 143 and clicked OK. I went to the edit pull down menu, clicked transform, then warp. I warped the layer to try to make it look like a hill in the background. I pressed enter then changed the opacity of the layer to 30%. I created a new layer mask and pressed G to select the gradient tool. I dragged down from the top of the wheat field to just below the top to fade it a little.

wheat hill

I created a new layer, went up to the edit menu, then selected fill. In the fill dialog I set the Use drop down menu to Pattern, then turned on Scripted Patterns by checking the box next to it. I chose Tree from the Script drop down menu and clicked OK. This opened the tree panel. In the tree drop down menu I selected number 11. I set the light detection to 180 and the camera tilt to 12. I changed the leaves amount to 0, set the arrangement to 100, and clicked OK.

creepy tree

I pressed cmd+T. I scaled the tree larger and disproportional. I moved it to the left side. I pressed enter when I got the tree where I wanted it. Then I moved the tree layer below the wheat field layer. I pressed cmd+L to open the levels dialog. I move the shadow and midtown input levels sliders to the right until the tree is a little darker but still has details then pressed OK. This next part was a little tricky. I made the tree layer active, I held down the cmd key while I click don the tree icon, then while still holding down the cmd key I clicked the new layer icon. Then I pressed option+delete. Then, finally, I pressed cmd+D. After that I changed the opacity of the original tree layer to around 53% to make it look like there was a fog around it.

foggy tree


Today I worked on the Assigned photoshop project that I started last week.

Last weeks work:

foggy tree

I started off by selecting the wheat field layer, clicking the black/white icon, hue/saturation, then changed the saturation value to -40.

saturated field

I didn’t really like the way the picture looked at this point so I started completely over and tried to follow the instructions a little more closely this time. I think this one turned out much better.

start over

After that I added a noose to the tree by opening an image of a noose in another tab, then selecting just the noose with the magic wand tool. I deleted the color from the noose by pressing shift+cmd+U. Then I moved the noose over to the work in progress image. I used the free transform tool to make the boos smaller, then I moved it over to the tree.

hanging noose


Today I continued working on the assigned photoshop project. The one I’m working on is called Atmospheric Horror Effects.

This is what I left off with yesterday:

hanging noose

So the files didn’t have the grim reaper image thats in the original photo that I’m trying to recreate so I just opened the original photo and used the rectangular  marquee tool to make a selection around the grim reaper figure, then I copied and pasted it onto my photo and matched it with the surroundings. I also changed the opacity of the hanging noose to 70% so that it matched the surroundings.

grim reaper in wheat

After that I added the words, giving the photo a movie poster look, using the text tool.

My finished image:

finished horror atmosphere

Original image:

original atmospheric horror effects

After I finished this I started working on an image in photoshop using the skills I learned from this tutorial.

I started by looking for a cemetery photo:

cemetary reference

Then I used the rectangular marquee tool and selected just the bottom half of it. Then I went to the options panel and selected refine edge, and in the edge detection section I changed the radius to about 60px. I moved this layer to the page I was working in.

cemetary screenshot

Then I found a photo with some nice grass and used the rectangular marquee tool to make a selection. I clicked refine edge and changed the edge detection to about 17.5px. I moved this layer to the photo was working in. I warped the grass to look like a hill. I clicked cmd+L to open the levels dialog and brought the output level down to 143.

hill screenshot

I made a copy of this layer then pressed Cmd+T to enter the free transform mode. I right clicked and selected flip horizontal. I moved this hill to the other side of the photo. Then I changed the background color to a dark navy blue. After adding the second hill, I made the left one a little darker in the levels dialog. This made it look like it was behind the hill on the right.

two hills

I found a few silhouettes of tombstones, creepy crows, and branches then adjusted their levels as needed.


After that I found a few creepy tree silhouettes and made a gradient to make the sky darker. I made a new layer and used the paint bucket tool to color the whole layer a grey color. I changed the opacity to about 55%. I also added a brightness/contrast layer.

gradient trees

I added changed the background color a really dark grey. Then I added an image of a full moon and added another grey filter on top. I added some wispy grey misty clouds around the moon using the lasso tool.

moon and sky

Today I worked on one of the additional photoshop projects. This file didn’t come with any images so I just did my own thing with the tutorial. The tutorial is called Classic Flower Power.

This was there final image(which I screenshot) :

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 9.45.23 AM


This was my start image that I got from google:

start image


I selected the rectangular marquee tool. I used it to select the left side of the field, then I pressed cmd+c to copy it. I pressed cmd+d to deselect the field. I pressed cmd+v to paste the part of the fieild I selected. I moved the original field image so that the girl was more to the left and not the middle. Then I moved the copied part of the field to the right to fill the gap that I left. I used the free transform tool an the blur tool to make it look like that part belonged there.

2nd start image


I found this flower from google:

yellow flower


I selected the quick selection tool, clicked and dragged on the inside of the flower until everything inside was selected. I switched to the move tool and clicked and dragged the flower layer into my first document. I renamed it “original”. Then I pressed cmd+J to make a copy of the flower. I renamed it “backup”. I hid the back up layer and dragged it underneath the original layer. I held down the option key and dragged out copies of the flower to fill up the page. I used the free transform tool to resize and rotate some. To give more variety I went into free transform mode right clicked in the bounding box and chose distort, then I dragged the corners to set the flower at a different angle. i did this to about half of the flowers.

flowers everywhere


Today I continued working on the April Photoshop project called classic flower power.

Here’s what I left off with yesterday:

flowers everywhere

I put the flowers into 3 different groups based on size. I put the big flowers in a group called close up, the medium flowers in a group called middle, and the small flowers in a group called far. I selected the close up layer and went to the filter pull down menu, clicked blur, then gaussian blur. I set the radius to 10 px. I selected the far layer and added a gaussian blur of 5px. I went to the middle layer and added a gaussian blur of 3px. This made the bigger flowers look close up and the small flowers look farther back. I made the middle flowers be the most focused because they’re supposed to be at the same depth as the little girl. I merged all of the flower layers together by pressing cmd+option+shift+E. I clicked on the new merged layer and went to filter, convert for smart filters. I went back to the filter menu and chose camera raw to open the image in camera raw. I went to the radial filter by pressing J. I changed all the sliders onto 0 except the sharpness and clarity. I set the sharpness to -70 and the clarity to -32. I clicked on the little girl and dragged the oval around her. I made sure the effect setting was set to Outside.

blurry flowers

Then I added an old page image from google and resized it using the free transform tool. I typed the words Flower Shower and found a decorative font line to put in between the two words. I recolored that line white to match the words using the paint bucket tool. I then typed some words into a paragraph from old bridal articles.

The original final image:

original flower shower

My finished version:

finished flowers project


Today I worked on one of the additional photoshop projects called How to create a sketch from a photo.

I started with this photo:

oliver sykes portrait

I made two copies of this image in my layers panel by pressing cmd+j twice. I desaturated both copies by going to the image pulldown menu, selecting adjustments, then selecting desaturate. I inverted the second copy by going back to the image pull down menu, adjustments, then selected invert. I right clicked on the active layer that i was in (the second copy) clicked blending options, then changed the blend mode to color dodge. . Then I went to the filter menu, selected other, then minimum and changed it to 2px. I copied the the original layer again, moved it to the top of the layers stack, and changed the blending mode to color. I went to the filter pull down menu, chose filter gallery, and selected the rough pastels filter. I changed the stroke length to 5, the stroke detail to 4, the texture to sandstone, scaling to 91, and relief to 30. I hit okay then changed the blending mode for this layer to multiply. I reduced the opacity to about 60%.

Finished image:

oliver sykes portrait copy


Today I continued working on the how to create a caricature using Photoshop project.

I Started with this photo:

austin carlile caricature


I used the quick selection tool to select him from the background, then I pressed cmd+j to copy that selection into another layer.

I individually selected the mouth, chin, eyes, nose, head, body,ear,and hair, then put them in their own layers. I used the free transform tool to make the body smaller. Then I used the warp tool to fit the neck into the newly sized body. I warped the head to make it big and disproportionate. I used camera raw to make it look cartoonish using filters and such. I went to the layer pull down menu, clicked smart object, then convert to smart object. I went to filter then clicked liquify. when the dialogue box came up, I checked the advanced mode to reveal the additional controls. I selected the forward warp tool and changed the brush size to around 200. Then I gently increased the size of the forehead. I selected the bloat tool and clicked the tip of his nose about 3 times. I also used the bloat tool on his eyes to make them look bigger and a little more cartoonish. I extended the a bit more using the forward warp tool. and then I used the bloat tool on the tip of the chin to give it a more bulbous effect. I made his smile even bigger using the forward warp tool. I applied the effect and this is what it looked like:

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 10.08.37 AM copy

I added a layer mask to the caricature layer and used a textured brush to fade the bottom of the layer out. this made the shoulders kind of fade into the background. I chose the sponge brush projection brush preset. I reduced the brushes opacity to about 40%. I opened the background that I wanted to use and placed it underneath the caricature layer in the layers panel. I added a new layer over the textured background, I used a textured breaths add in a white brushed border effect. I went to the filter pull down menu, chose blur, and then smart blur. I changed the radius to 2.0, the threshold to 10.0, and set the quality to high. I went to the curves adjustment layer and used curves to reduced the highlights. I created a new layer at the top of the new layer stack. i selected the smudge tool and changed the brush size to about 40px, I set the strength to 80%, then I set the strength to 80%, and checked the sample all layers option. I began smudging the major areas of the image. i reduced the brush size and used the tool for the hair, eyes and facial hair. I created a merged layer of all the layers by holding down alt while going to the layer pull down menu and choosing merge visible.. Then I went to the filter pull down menu and chose camera raw. I set to contrast to 10. clarity to 22, and the vibrance to 48.

Finished image:

caricature finished


This is an image of the example I was given:

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 10.47.56 AM


Today I finished explaining how I did the caricature image using photoshop. I edited that post from yesterday. After that I started the Create a Book Poster Project.

This is their finished tutorial image that I recreated:

final result

I started off by creating a new document in photoshop with 950px for the width and 1000px for the height. I selected the paint bucket tool and painted the background with the color black. I added this light texture:

light texture

I scaled it a bit bigger then duplicated the layer and rotated the copy using the free transform tool.

I opened the model image and selected the model from the background using the quick selection tool. I clicked the refine edge option and increased the smooth and feather sliders a bit. I pressed cmd+j to make a copy of the selection in a new layer, then moved that new layer into the book poster image.

model with light texture

I created a new layer, painted it a dark grey using the paint bucket tool, then I changed the blending mode to Vivid Light. I reduced the opacity to 65%

vivid light effect

I created a new layer and selected  a cloud paint brush and used the colors orange and yellow to paint around the girl. I used a few star brushed too in the color white. Then I added some planets using the galaxy brushes.


Today i started the valentines day project.

I started by getting a sheet music image from google and pasting it to my canvas. I used the free transform tool to scale it to fit the canvas the way I wanted. Then I used the drawing tablet to paint hands holding a heart on top of a black background. I used some free paint splatter brushes.

valentines day project2

Not finished yet but this is what I have so far.


Today I finished the Valentines Project:

Yesterday’s work:

valentines day project2


valentines day project finished


I fixed a few things with the hands using the drawing tablet. I didn’t like the font that I drew in the first picture, so I erased that and used a font that I found on Then I added the words and used the free transform tool to move that around. I also used it to arc some of the words.

After that I continued working on one of the additional projects that I started last week.

Where I left off:


The first thing I did was click on the layer with the spiral things in the background that I added at the very beginning, then I changed the opacity to about 80%. I couldn’t find the same font that the other person used in their tutorial so I just used the tablet to draw the words on.

free flight

Then I typed the other words because they had a regular looking font. and that was the last step.

Book Poster Project FINISHED


Today I did the movie poster project. I edited my face into the place of the original actors face.

Original movie poster:

movie poster3


My picture:



Edited movie poster:


The first thing I did was select the face of the girl using the quick selection tool, then I deleted it. I opened the picture of me in photoshop and selected my face using the quick selection tool. I pressed cmd+j to copy the selection onto a new layer. Then I moved that layer into the original poster file. I moved the layer of my face behind the poster layer. I flipped my face horizontally so that my bangs would be on the other side of my face. I pressed cmd+t to enter the free transform option. I fit my face into the empty space.  Then I went to the image pull down menu, adjustments, then clicked color balance. I just moved the sliders until I found a setting that I liked. I used the dodge tool to add highlights to my face. I used the blur tool to blend my face more into the shape of the girls. I selected my lips using the quick selection tool then I went to curves and changes the color to a darkish red. I used the spot healing tool to remove a few blemishes and stray hairs that were falling near my eyes. I used the paint brush tool with a low opacity to add a little shadow to the side of my face. I also used it to add to my eyelashes. I used the paintbrush tool to cover Julia Roberts name. I used the text tool to type my name in a similar font and color of the original poster.


Today I made a movie poster. I started with a black canvas with a width of 11 in and a height of 17in.

start movie poster

Then I found a background from google and used the free transform option to fit it to the canvas.

movie poster background

background movie poster


Today I finished writing the written inventory for part of a college application. I took a brain bench test over illustrator but didn’t earn a certification. Then I worked not he movie poster.

What I already had finished:

background movie poster

I found this puddle of blood image on google:


Then I pasted it to my back ground and used the warp tool to  make it look like a puddle on the ground:

movie poster project blood

I found this image of bloody hands:


I used the quick selection tool to select the hands I clicked on refine edge then I changed the settings to how I liked. I pressed cmd+j and moved that layer onto my poster image. I free transformed it to fit right then moved it on top of the puddle. I used the paint brush tool set on a low opacity with a dark color to blend the hands in with the puddle:

movie poster project #2 hands in blood

Thats all I got done with today.

Today I worked more on my movie poster.

What I got finished with yesterday:

movie poster project #2 hands in blood

After that I added all of the text using the text tool and using some fonts from

Here is the finished poster:

movie poster project FINISHED

Today my assignment was to create a letterhead and write a letter to my instructor. The letter involved telling her why I took the class, what I expected, What I liked and disliked about the class, and what my future plans were.

Heres the basic letterhead I designed (without the personal information) :

End of Year Letter without address

I designed it to look similar to my senior announcement. I just did a light violet background, added grey border to the top and left sides and added the flowers.


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