May 11th,2015

Today I made a poster of all of the projects I’ve done this year:

all projects

All I did was copy and paste each picture on then I used the free transform tool to resize them.

I also worked on a few ideas for the design Im going to put on the top of my graduation cap.

Here was one idea:

grad cap 1

Here was the second:

grad cap 2

And for this one I would also put fake flowers around the edges like this:

grad cap reference 2


December 16th, 2014

Today I continued working on the Yearly Calendar Project.

My calendar is band related and heres the cover for it so far:




The cover is just one of the projects I did a long time ago. I cropped it to fit the page.

Heres what I have so far for the months:


























All of the background art is done by Dan Mumford, who happens to be my favorite artist. I added each band’s logo for the different months. Later I plan to type lyrics over each of the backgrounds.


December 12th, 2015

Today I continued working on the assigned band project.

I finished the magazine cover featuring my band.


magazine project

Yesterday’s work:

magazine project day 2


magazine project finished


I decided to try to find a background I liked better and I did. I copied and pasted it from google, then free transformed it. I also decided to add another color to the fonts. I added light blue to all the fonts that weren’t about Flair for the Dramatic because their theme colors are purple, black, and white. I got a photo of Jeremy from the band A Day to Remember, free transformed it, and made up an announcement to type underneath his picture. I added a bunch of different colored boxes to put behind a lot of the words. I changed their colors using the paint tool. I added a bar code from a Rock Sound magazine. I also ended up getting a different logo because I thought the black logo didn’t stand out enough. I resized and repositioned the album, and I moved a few other things around using the move tool.

Favorite Work

I used the drawing tablet to create all of these projects.


watergirloutline watergirlcolor watergirlskywatergirl


I used 4 different layers and I used the pencil tool for the outline, then the paint brush tool for everything else. The main trick for creating the sky was adjusting the opacity of the paint brush constantly.



georgeoutline georgeyes georgebackground george

I usually start with drawing hair because its the easiest and funnest part for me. I used the paint brush tool for all of this while adjusting the size and opacity of the brush.





Reference photo:

painting reference


carlile paintingoutline carlile paintingb444 carlile paintingb44 carlile painting



This is Austin Carlile from the band Of Mice & Men. He was my first realistic painting. I only worked in 4 layers and the hardest part of painting this was the tattoos.


coralinedrawingb4 coralinedrawingb44 coralinedrawingb444 coralinedrawingcoralinedrawingfinished


I decided to paint Coraline near Halloween time. I worked in 5 layers with this one and my favorite part was making the background. All I used was the paint brush tool.


Reference photos:

werewolf werewolf reference2



bmthwolfb4 bmthwolfbefore

bmthwolfwords bmthwolf



This is Fuzzy. I started with his face because that’s where I wanted the most detail. After working on the face and body of Fuzzy ,using the paintbrush and pencil tools, I worked on the background by using a grey brush with a very low opacity. I got the font from a website then changed the color to red and changed the size to how I liked it. Then I took the pencil tool and marked over the letters to make them messier.



Reference photos:

mmreference5 mmreference2

mmpaintinghair mmpaintingpink mmpaintingb44 mmpainting


This is Melanie Martinez, who is my favorite singer at the moment. I didn’t work in a lot of layers for this one but my favorite part was drawing the hair using the pencil and paintbrush tools. The hardest part of this was the face but it was a really fun and colorful project.



I used the paint brush, pencil, eraser, and blur tools to make this. For the shirt I got a galaxy image, copy and pasted underneath the girl outline, chose the quick selection tool and selected just the are of the shirt. I copied it, deleted the galaxy layer, then pressed cmd+v to paste the galaxy print into the shirt. I made the background using the same colors as the girls hair but at different opacities.




I painted all of this except the skulls I copied them from google, pasted, then transformed them.

October 30th, 2014

Today I finished the assigned project of the magazine cover. This magazine is called KERRANG! and its main focus is music, specifically rock/metal.



This project was a lot of fun for me and I like how it turned out.

The first thing I did was search for a good background photo for the magazine. This one of Oli Sykes caught my eye and gave me the idea for all the paint splatter effects in the background. I found the polaroid picture frames on google, copied and pasted them, then added pictures of some of my favorite bands into them. This required a lot of resizing and rotating which I did using the free transform command. I got all of the fonts from I changed the color of the fonts to match the paint splatters.  I Got the Kerrang! logo from google. This was basically all about layers and learning how to navigate with them. I learned its important to name your layers so that its easier to rearrange things.

October 24th, 2014

Today was project day and I made a t-shirt/poster design.



The first thing I did was get the font from Then I changed the color of the font to red. Then I used the tablet to draw black lines around the red letters to make them look messier.  After that I looked up some werewolf references on google.

I used this photo as a reference to my werewolf’s face.



I used this photo as a reference for the upper body:

werewolf reference2


After I drew and colored the werewolf with the tablet I painted the background black and grey, then added a full moon. Then I named the werewolf Fuzzy.